The local tuk tuks are great if you want a good view or are itching to try something local. But steer away from them at night and watch out for the drivers quoting ridiculous fares to you.
Don’t assume every pretty woman you see is a female.

In Thailand, chances are that the next pretty woman you see is actually a ladyboy. Try not to gasp as you admire their flawless beauty! And if you can, catch a cabaret show to see their amazing talents.

Massages are cheap but spectacular.

You’d be tempted to blink twice and pinch yourself when you see the rates for massages here. Even though massages are really cheap here, you’d be surprised at how good they are. So, indulge yourself with plenty of them and don’t forget to tip generously if you’re satisfied. Steer clear of massage parlors that have ‘happy girls’ in their name.
Is it safe to travel to Thailand?
Thailand is very safe for tourists! Every country has its problems and many people don’t even know that the army officially is in power, but as a tourist there are hardly any dangers. With millions of people a year traveling to Thailand, the country knows that safety is an important issue and they are doing there utmost best to maintain this safe environment for tourists.







7 Things to Know Before Traveling to Thailand

7 Things to Know Before Traveling to Thailand

Thailand is a dreamland full of a million possibilities. A rainbow of opportunities awaits the intrepid traveler here. From fantastical temples to an outlet for all your guilty desires, Thailand welcomes all kinds of travelers without ever judging them. Perhaps the most exciting party destination in South East Asia, this country is truly a world apart. And landing here can seem a daunting and overwhelming experience.

Here are a few things to know before going to Thailand:


A passport that is valid for at least another 6 months upon entry into Thailand is needed. Most Western countries get a stamp in their passports upon arrival that permits them to stay up to 30 days. Overstaying your visa is not recommended, but if it's only a couple days you have to pay a 500 THB ($16) fine per day.

Best time to visit Thailand

If you’re not a fan of humidity, try to avoid the months of April and May for visiting Thailand. The official rainy season is from July till end of October. It does not mean these months are a no-go. If you want the best Instagram pictures of Thailand then it is advisable to come between December and March.

Pick a hotel close to public transportation.

If you’re staying in Bangkok, try to be close to the MRT and BTS so that you can travel anywhere without shelling out your precious baht on taxis. In smaller towns, boat taxis and cabs will burn a hole in your pocket. It might be a good idea to rent a bike when you visit the beach towns of Thailand.

Tuk Tuks for the view, taxis for the convenience.