Exquisiteness of Kanchanaburi’s Erawan Waterfall (Namtok Erawan)

Thailand has a number of national parks located all around the country, yet it could be argued that none are as stunning as Erawan National Park. Located in Kanchanaburi, there are tons of things to do, so here’s how to plan a trip to make sure you don’t miss anything out.


Double check your itinerary

Make sure you have a good idea of where to go and where to stay before you arrive at Erawan National Park. There are a number of tour companies who can take you to and from the points of interest in the national park and, whilst your time at each stop may be limited, it can be an easier way to experience this wonderful rainforest.


Pack appropriately

Wear light and breathable clothing, particularly if you’re planning on strenuous activities like elephant or regular trekking. Ensure that you pack sensible footwear; whilst the first few levels of the Erawan Waterfall are doable in flip-flops or sandals, it does get a lot trickier, and wearing inappropriate footwear can be pretty dangerous. Don’t forget to pack swimwear – the waterfall and the natural pools that are found in the national park are great places to swim, and feature incredibly blue and emerald colored waters.


7 Levels of Natural Beauty

The Erawan Waterfall is actually a protected national Park in Thailand so there’s an entrance fee of 200 THB for foreigners.


Erawan Waterfall, named after the three headed elephant, is famous for its seven layers of falls. The first layer isn't all that much to look at, but just a stream with a few picnic tables. The beauty really begins at the 2nd waterfall where there’s a huge pool of water to go swimming in and enjoy the refreshing falls. The 3rd level of Erawan Waterfall also provides a great opportunity for a dip.


Erawan Waterfall level number five is a beautifully shaded area with many little miniature falls and a gorgeous environment. Though it can get crowded, if you're able to visit before the buses of tourists arrive, you’ll be able to enjoy its pure natural beauty.


If you ever visit Erawan Waterfall, don’t stop at level number 6, keep going all the way to the 7th level, and you’ll be glad you did! It's the best level, the aqua turquoise water backed by white rocks and a gentle waterfall made for perfect scenery.


Since the entire trail is well-marked and it's a pretty easy climb – except for the very end, it probably isn't necessary to do the hike with a guide. A visit to all seven of the Erawan Waterfall that spans 1.5 kilometers takes about 3.5 hours or it could've been longer.


If you’re staying overnight, there are a number of hotels near to the waterfall and in the park itself. Be warned though – some don’t have aircon and only have fans to keep you cool, so if you’re worried about getting a comfortable and cool night of sleep before an action packed day, check in advance.



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