A Detail Guide on Taking Bus from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi​

Kanchanaburi is 160 miles (260km) from the west of Bangkok. Although it is a small city, it is a great destination for tourists due to the wide variety of activities and sights. Because of the inexpensive price of the coach fares and relatively short journey time, the sensible option for travel between Kanchanaburi and Bangkok is by bus. Getting from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi by bus should not be so difficult if you’re prepared and know what you’re doing. A lot of your time and energy should not be wasted for only finding the right bus.


Buses from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi depart from multiple locations around Bangkok, such as Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal and the Northern Mo Chit Bus Terminal. Sai Tai Taling Chan bus station, which is far west in the suburb of Thonburi is about 7km from the tourist hub of Khao San Road. There are 1st class buses (with toilet and air-conditioning) departing from an office off Saengchuto Road and 2nd class buses departing from the larger terminal one block east.


The first bus of the day is at 6:30 and the last bus is at 22:30. As the 1st class buses are always leaving frequently in every 15 minutes from 05:00-22:30, making this an affordable and convenient option, there is no real need to pre-book. But you can also book your ticket online if you don’t waste time wandering around the station. 1st class buses cost 110 Baht, including a bottle of water. The 2nd class buses with no toilet inside leave Bangkok every 20 minutes from 03:30-19:00 and cost 110 Baht. First class tickets are only about 15% more expensive than second class. It’s worth spending for the extra comfort if you can spare the extra in your budget. Depending on the type of bus and the route it takes, the travel time varies between 3 and 4 hours.


There are also tourist minibuses directly to/from Khao San Road, which depart Kanchanaburi at 13:30 and 18:30, even if there's no way to get there by bus. Talk to the information desk about this. Price is approximately about 120 Baht; it may take about 2 hours. Bus rides may be varied or cancelled with 14:30 being last of the day.


When you get there to take the bus routine from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, you have to be dropped off at the station, which is in front of a big, concrete building that is seemed to be a shopping mall. The security guard will show the direction you have to be headed. Go to the line of cash registers where the ladies sold tickets to various destinations. After that, go to the up-stair to go to the stop number 5 which is located outside. The buses will park there. There are many benches so you can wait by sitting on them. When the bus comes, get on the bus. Your journey will be very safe and Bangkok to Kanchanaburi by bus is actually a nice and pleasant ride.