Be a Local in Kanchanaburi

In Kanchanaburi you will definitely find very friendly people and beautiful nature. Kanchanaburi town is the capital of Kanchanaburi province. In this province, you can discover scenic beauty through waterfalls, forested mountains, caves and last, but not least, the River Kwai. If you like to do be active, there are also many great things to do like thrilling jungle treks, and wild water rafting. Check out the list of the 6 things to experience the local life in the area.


The Bridge and The River Kwai

Popping up in movies and literature, the stunning River Kwai is an ideal destination for a relaxing holiday. With luxurious resorts and fine-dining restaurants alike clustered along its banks, providing an amazing array of cuisine and accommodation, visitors can enjoy scenic views aplenty. Adventurous travelers can opt to dine on one of the waterway’s famous floating restaurants, while the eponymous bridge towards the west end of town is a veritable must see.


Boat Tours and Water Sports

The superior geographic location of Kanchanaburi makes it a perfect place for boat tours and water sports. A wide range of activities are offered by travel agents in the town, including kayaking, canoeing and scenic river cruises. While hitting the waterways around Kanchanaburi, travelers can expect to spot cavernous Lawa Cave with its minuscule bats, roaring waterfalls, and oodles of mind-blowing flora and fauna.


Erawan National Park

Seven-tiered, emerald green and magnificent, these waterfalls are not the stuff of fairy tales, but can be found in the Erawan National Park, just a short jaunt from Kanchanaburi town. Deciduous forest covers 81 percent of the park, while the remainder is blanketed in evergreens, making the whole area a real haven for nature lovers. What’s more, visitors are invited to swim in several of the plunge pools in the area.


Take a Cookery Class

Delicious Thai cuisine attracts travelers to visit Thailand from right across the globe, which is no doubt why so many opt to take cooking courses in the country, in the hope that they can take the skills and flavors home with them. Joining cookery classes in Kanchanaburi is a perfect option for lovers of Thai food, with many of the schools here taking participants to the local food market to introduce them to different spices and ingredients before hitting the hobs and getting stuck into the cooking.


Enjoy local cuisine

Restaurants serving famous dishes like pad Thai, sticky mango rice and tom yum are scattered all around Kanchanaburi. But it’s not all about the food, because dining here features much more than just mouthwatering dining options. Surrounded by local Thais, travelers can experience the country’s food culture in full swing; sharing meals and chatting between the aromas of soy and Sang Som rum!


Elephant’s World

Elephant’s World, a sanctuary where elephants are rescued and freed from inhumane treatment, offers day-long and overnight programs near Kanchanaburi, allowing travelers to closely interact with elephants in an ethical way while enjoying the picturesque scenery of the River Kwai.


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